About Us

Our Philosophy

We start with what your customers are trying to accomplish. College savings? Retirement? A new car? Debt elimination? Whatever the goals, our mission is to provide the advice and investment vehicles needed to achieve them all. Our advice is goal-based. iQuantifi continues to update the advice given as life changes, applying what is suitable according to your customers' unique needs and resources. The end result is a real-time, comprehensive, personal financial planner that integrates with your system.

Our Mission

By building on almost 20 years of practical investing knowledge and experience, we developed a platform that gives comprehensive advice without the need to interact with a live person. This allows institutions to provide scalable and profitable advice to all of their customers. Using technology brings a new way to engage your customers and provide real-time solutions that address their financial concerns.

By using a friendly, intuitive, goal-based approach, we engage customers in the process - providing education and professional advice that is easy to understand and personalized. With the click of a button, your customers can immediately identify and consume the products and services you offer that are most appropriate.

Our Executive Team

Our team is a blend of technology, business and finance experts built to innovate in an industry that has been slow to adapt and create solutions for the changing behaviors of consumers. We welcome the opportunity to show you how to provide a comprehensive financial plan to all of your customers.

Tom White

Founder & CEO

Karen White

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

Gary Bailey

Chief Technology Officer