Should You Buy An Existing Home or Build New?

buying-a-new-or-old-homeBuying a home can be an exciting transaction. Whether you are buying your first home or upgrading to a new home, the process of home buying is one that provides you with a great deal of food for thought. One of the decisions you need to make is whether you want to buy an existing home or whether you should build a new home.

Total cost

One of the first things to consider is the cost involved. In many cases, it costs less to buy an existing home. Some older homes can be more affordable, especially if you are a first-time buyer. You ... KEEP READING

Key Money Tips Before Heading Off to College

to college Going to college can be overwhelming for both parents and children. Many parents are seeing their teens head out on their own for the first time. Children are entering a new stage in life with new responsibilities. For both parties, money plays a major role in the transition. From practical everyday practices to more serious matters, finances touch virtually every part of college life. Don't discount the impact you can have as a parent, even if this isn't the first year your child will be in college. Use some of these tips to prepare your child financially for what they'll see when they hit their college campus.

Don’t Use ... KEEP READING

What Are You Delaying Because of Money?

mindsetA recent study by the American Institute of American CPAs (AICPA) reveals something we already knew – The Great Recession is still impacting the financial decisions of many. The study reveals that more than half of Americans (51 percent) are delaying major life events because of financial concerns. What’s particularly striking is some of the categories listed in the study have more than doubled in the eight years since the survey was last performed. There are, no doubt, many unknowns in life. We live in challenging times; maybe that’s what makes it easy or comfortable to delay decisions. What often gets missed in ... KEEP READING

It’s All About Goals

GoalRichWhen people learn that I’m an investment adviser, the first thing they mention to me is that they have some money to invest. Then, without fail, they ask me, “What can you do with it?”  I respond by asking them two questions:  “What’s the money for?,” and “When do you need it?”

Investing with a Purpose

When it comes to investing, all monies must have a home or a purpose. Is the money you’re investing earmarked for retirement, your child’s college education, a house purchase, or some other goal? The goals that you are investing for and the amount of time you have to ... KEEP READING

Five Tips for Negotiating Your Salary at a First Job

business woman happy with money rain The job market has been so disappointing for so many years that many new grads are simply happy for a job -- any job that pays. This reality is reflected in the current pay that many college grads can expect to see. Right now, reports the Economic Policy Institute, new grads are earning less for their first jobs than new grads did 15 years ago. You can buck the trend, though, by negotiating your first salary. Many grads are reluctant to negotiate salary, but the reality is ... KEEP READING

Ignore the Headlines: How to Invest the Right Way

1929crashWhether we like it or not, money is emotional. We know that we need to separate emotion from our money, but it can be easier said than done. This is especially the case when it comes to investing in the stock market. Our emotions can motivate us to make rash decisions when we see our brokerage and 401(k) accounts lose value. We begin to believe what our emotions are telling us and want to act. Whether you realize it or not, this emotion finds an enabler in one thing – headlines.

Is The Sky Really Falling?

The stock market has seen ... KEEP READING

How To Save for Retirement on a Low Income

RetirementSaving for retirement is something most of us know we need to do, but can easily get lost in the traffic of other needs. This is especially true when you’re trying to save for retirement on a low income. A recent poll indicated that nearly half of Americans aren’t investing in the stock market. The main reason given was lack of money. There very well may be times where you simply can’t put money aside for the future. It makes sense, on one level, when your budget is tight to justify not investing. However, you don't want to be guilty of ... KEEP READING

How to Financially Prepare for Overseas Travel

TravelWith the dollar the strongest it’s been in years, now might be the perfect time to travel overseas -- especially to Europe. Before you hop on that airplane, though, you want to make sure you’re financially prepared for your trip. Here are a few things to do ahead of time so that you are ready for your overseas adventure:

Deposits for Bookings

Depending on your travel arrangements, you might need to make deposits for various bookings. Whether you place a deposit for accommodations, a tour or a cruise, you need to be prepared. How is the deposit applied to your total price? Also, you should read the fine ... KEEP READING

Can You Reach Your Goals Without Investing in the Stock Market?

investingIf you have invested in the stock market during the past decade, your mettle has almost certainly been tested. With the Great Recession came days and months of wild market swings. Seasoned investors have seen their retirement portfolios take significant hits and younger investors have been left with a taste of distrust in their mouths. This latter point is bared out in a recent UBS study that reveals that Millennials have over 50 percent of their savings in cash, with a mere 28 percent in stocks. The desire to avoid risk aside, having so much concentration in cash and little exposure to the stock ... KEEP READING

Stay at Home Parent or Continue to Work?

stay at homeOne of the conundrums that modern parents face is whether to stay home or to continue working at a traditional job. In two-parent homes, sometimes there are questions about which parent should stay home, and which should continue on a traditional career path. As you attempt to determine what path is right for you, here are some things to consider:

Current Financial Situation

Your first consideration is your current financial situation. If you have a two-income household, can you afford to slim down to one income? Take an honest look at your budget. If you experience difficulty paying your bills now, chances are you won’t ... KEEP READING