Life Insurance 101

insuranceAs we grow older, get married, and start a family, our priorities shift.  We are no longer just responsible for our own well-being.  We are also responsible for our spouses and our children. Often we overlook how to best protect our family because we are focused on producing income to manage day to day life. One priority which should take center stage is how to protect your family when you are gone. This is done through obtaining life insurance. Life insurance is a contract between the insured (you) and the insurer (insurance company). The insurer promises to pay the beneficiaries (your family) a designated sum of money, called a death benefit, upon the death of the insured.  ... KEEP READING

What to Know When Applying for a Mortgage

mortgageblogpicSo, you are looking at becoming a homeowner? Besides the excitement surrounding buying a home, this will be the largest purchase you ever make.  As with any large purchase, patience and understanding should play a vital role in your decision. Unless you are paying cash, you will be required to obtain a home mortgage. With so many options, it can be stressful to understand all the aspects of applying for a mortgage. Stepping back and making sure you are getting and paying what you want is the most important aspect of buying a home.

Shop the Rate

You might be tempted to drive down to your local bank ... KEEP READING

5 Tips for Improving Your Credit Score

Credit-ScoreBlog ImageThese days, our credit scores are the most important 3 digit numbers we’ll ever come across. They help us to make large purchases, start businesses; in some cases, our credit scores help us get the job of our dreams. Unfortunately, they can work the other way as well. Poor credit scores can stop you from getting that car or that house; even stop you from landing that awesome job. So, if you currently have less than perfect scores, chances are, you want to increase them. The only problem is that most people simply don’t know where to start. Here are a few pointers for you… Step #1: Take A Look At Your Credit ... KEEP READING

College Savings SMACKDOWN: 529 vs. UTMA

infographics_529If you are like 45% of American families saving for college, you might be doing it wrong. A recent stat suggesting that almost a majority of American families saving for college are using a standard savings account is enough to make a trained financial advisor scratch his head in dismay. You may have your reasons for selecting an account with a return (on average) of 0.5% annually, but you should be aware of some alternatives. Especially if your child is young and your focus is on saving for their future.

529 Plan

If you know ... KEEP READING

Who’s Your Advisor

By definition, an advisor is someone that provides advice. Thus, a financial advisor would be someone that provides financial advice. Unfortunately, this definition would include just about anyone that has an opinion on money or investing. Friends, family and all the rest of the talking heads out there telling you what to do with your money are included. As you can see, the problem with the term “advisor” is that anyone that gives advice can be considered The challenge you and many young families have is that you need more than advice. It’s not about a hot stock tip or what type of mortgage you select. It’s about your entire financial life and everything ... KEEP READING

Back to Basics: The W’s of Budgeting

Keeping a budget seems like such a basic, fundamental concept to finance. But the data suggests that, for most families, maintaining a budget isn’t so simple after all. 61% of adults admit to not having a budget, according to the National Foundation for Credit Counseling® (NFCC). That means over half of adults don’t know the details of what their money is up to every month.

Why? Budgets Help Improve Your Financial SituationBudget

It’s difficult to stay out of debt, build up savings, and know what you need to do if you don’t know where you’re currently at with your money. That’s exactly why a budget makes a difference. With minimal effort, it helps you see at ... KEEP READING

iQuantifi Selected to Present at FinovateFall 2014

FF2014_JoinUs_v2_highresWe are excited to announce that we will be returning to the stage for FinovateFall 2014. Finovate is the pre-eminent financial technology conference and boasts a “who’s who” list of attendees and presenters. Companies like Mint, LendingTree, Intuit and Visa are past presenters and have used the stage to display new advancements in their technology. We debuted at Finovate Spring 2012 and won Best of Show. Since then, we have been working hard to enhance our platform and make it even easier for our users to get the personalized and comprehensive advice they need to achieve their goals. We will be launching several new features at Finovate. ... KEEP READING

Get More Out of Your College Savings Strategy

Where are you stashing your savings for your child’s education?collegesavingspig According to Sally Mae’s 2014 edition of their study, How America Saves for College, 45% of families who are saving are doing so with a standard savings account at their local bank. This is not an adequate vehicle to use to hold a child’s college education fund, but many young families don’t know or don’t understand what other, more appropriate, options are available. Let’s look at why a regular savings account is not the place to put college savings, and what Millennials with growing families can do with their cash set aside for education instead.


iQuantifi on the Rise

Last month, we had the pleasureriseofrestblogmessage of presenting and competing in Steve’s Case’s “Rise of the Rest” pitch competition. For a startup like iQuantifi, it was a big deal. To be selected as one of 10 among hundreds of startups in the area is quite an honor. It gave us the opportunity to present our business and model to an audience of seasoned investors and eager millennials. While we did not win the $100,000 grand prize, we received excellent feedback, more users and a few interested investors. The highlight had to be tweets from several audience members complimenting us on our service and “gotta have that” response. The best news is that people are ... KEEP READING

When to Ignore Financial Advice from Your Parents

Scoldmomadvice Common sense says to listen to our parents when they have something to say. After all, they’ve lived a bit more life than we have and we can learn from their experiences. But there are times when it’s completely appropriate to ignore financial advice from your parents. Mom and dad may mean well when they try to give grown children advice on personal finance and good money management. But times have changed and younger generations are facing a vastly different financial world than the one known and understood by the parents of Millennials. Watch out for these common bits of wisdom that may not be so wise -- and learn when you should ignore even ... KEEP READING