When to Ignore Financial Advice from Your Parents

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Common sense says to listen to our parents when they have something to say. After all, they’ve lived a bit more life than we have and we can learn from their experiences. But there are times when it’s completely appropriate to ignore financial advice from your parents. Mom and dad may mean well when they try to give grown children …

The Real Meaning of Being Frugal

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Because it’s commonly misconstrued to mean cheap, “frugality” is thought of as a bad word. But in reality, there is a big difference between being frugal and being cheap. When someone is frugal, it may be that they do spend less money than the average consumer. But they’re not miserly – or extreme with saving. Being frugal means one is …

Myths Millennials Believe about Money

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Millennials have had a bit of a tough start in adult life. Many of us came of age and tried to become independent of our parents’ help (and money) right as the economy collapsed and the Great Recession started. The job market was harsh and starting wages were even worse. We’ve had to deal with a crushing student loan debt …

Don’t Fall for “Magic Number” Formulas

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You’ve heard the commercial…”What’s your number?” Referring to the big amount of money that you need to retire. Look at just about any financial services site online and you will notice a similarity. They usually base their formulas and retirement projections on income. In fact, the prevalent formula lately has been 8 to 10 times your income for retirement. That’s …

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An Island Getaway… (Part II)

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When Tom and Karen were ready to write their business plan, they took a trip to an island…their kitchen island. Getting out of the office and into a comfortable setting for the business plan writing process was critical. No distractions and a more intimate setting where they could stay focused helped move the process along. Focused and determined, they spent …

Playing with fire

Playing with Fire: The Threat of a Default

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The most serious economic event that investors face in the next two weeks is the possibility that the US government may default on its Treasury bonds. If Congress does not approve an increase in the debt ceiling by August 2, the federal government may not be able to pay the interest and principal due on Treasury bonds. If this were …