End User Experience

How It Works

See your entire financial life solved in a simple, clear format.

By answering a few questions, our technology will provide you with a customized financial plan based on YOUR goals and resources.

iQuantifi determines the action steps necessary to achieve ALL of your goals and will recommend goals you should have based on your current situation.

Get continuous advice. Even when life changes. We’re a virtual financial advisor for your back pocket.



iQuantifi looks at how your goals can be worked on simultaneously. Reach ALL of your goals: travel, wedding, college, house, retirement, and so much more. Your entire financial life solved.


Our technology customizes your timeline to fit your life based on how much you make and how much you spend. Using your current resources, we provide a financial plan to achieve each and every goal.


No need to set an appointment, schedule a phone call or wait several days for a financial plan. Our technology never sleeps. Login to iQuantifi and get real-time solutions at your convenience.


As your life changes, so does iQuantifi. Need to add a goal? Move up that home purchase? Go ahead! Our technology is constantly calculating the best path forward based on your resources.


Our Core Planning Algorithm provides the advice you need to take action and stay on track. iQuantifi lets you know: how much to set aside, where to get it, where to put it, and provides the actual date it will be accomplished.


iQuantifi provides sound financial advice based on the Six Key Areas of financial planning.


Goal-Based Investing

Our investment philosophy is goal-centric. iQuantifi’s technology takes into account the investment objective and timeframe of each goal to determine the best allocation of your investments.

Personalized Investment Strategies

Our investment advice is personalized. Each portfolio or account is constructed uniquely based on the user’s investment experience.

Portfolios are constructed using stocks of selectively researched companies with strong management, a healthy balance sheet, and solid future prospects at an attractive price.

For diversification and specific investment strategies, we employ investment funds of select money managers that have consistently provided above market returns over the long term.

Real-Time Advice

As a virtual financial advisor, iQuantifi provides real-time investment advice as changes happen in the markets, the economy and your financial life.

Our platform will advise you when to rebalance and what to reallocate as your investments grow. In times when the market is down, our virtual financial advisor provides real-time advice on when to sell a position to capture a tax loss, and when to buy more to take advantage of better prices as the market fluctuates.

Our investment advisory algorithm is based on years of investment management experience which spans three bull markets, the bear market of the dotcom bubble, and more recently the credit crisis and Great Recession of 2008 and 2009.