We provide the answers to the questions your customers are asking.

Goal Prioritization

"Should I pay off my debt before I start saving for retirement?"

Our system automatically prioritizes goals to manage cash flow and promote goal achievement.

Investment Advice

"How do I invest the money I am saving?"

Automated, specific investment advice based on the experience and profile of your customers and the timeframe of their goal.


"Where can I make cuts in my budget to accomplish all of my goals?"

Our "CashFinder" technology helps your customers identify areas in their budget where they can save money so they can accomplish ALL of their goals.

Product Structuring

"Should I take out a 15 or 30 year mortgage?"

iQuantifi’s product structuring technology recommends the most appropriate products from your institution to your customers based on their profile.


"How much life insurance do I need?"

Our system automatically provides recommendations on cash reserves, life insurance, long term care and disability insurance, including the most appropriate type and amount.

Monthly Guidance

"Am I on track?"

We provide month by month guidance on how your customers can best manage their finances and we track their progress along the way.